Strategic Intelligence Solutions

TORIS Technologies LLC in Reston, Virginia, is the leader in intelligence solutions for DoD, Federal, and Intel agencies. Our service includes comprehensive solution sets for portfolio efficiency analysis, requirement package generation, source selection planning and hosting, and service contract performance management.

Information Solutions

Our staff has expertise in technical oversight, program management, and lifecycle development. Additionally, all our cleared employees have customer intimacy and domain understanding that enables us to provide:

Personal Computer - Intelligence Solutions
• Mission-Enabling Support, Systems, & Tools
• Business-Enabling Systems Operations
• Systems Engineering, Mission Support, & Testing
• Data Center Operations
• Software Development
• Enterprise Integration, Engineering, Field Deployment, & Training
• Network Operation & Customer Support Services (Tiers 1, 2, & 3)

SETA Support

There are three phases that provide end-to-end activities and produce all deliverables in the context of the service lifecycle of the government, customer mission. This delivery is the most cost-effective and timely solution of the mission objectives. Our planning, acquisition, and performance phases include the performance, documentation, and delivery of the following products. These can be supplied collectively or on an à la cart basis, with each product produced in the context of the TORIS Technologies Service Contract Lifecycle.

Planning Phase

• Acquisition Strategy & Planning
• Portfolio Management
• Acquisition Plan Documentation
• Technology Investigations & Reports
• Market Research
• Market Capability & Best Practice Investigation
• Market Surveys (Sources Sought & Requests for Information)
• Independent Government Estimates
• Requirement Package Development
• Requirements Definition & Documentation (SOW, SOO, PWS)
• Performance Plan & Metrics
• Solicitation Price Models & Instructions

Acquisition Phase:

• Source Selection Planning
• Source Selection Orchestration, Facilitation,
& Documentation
• Evaluator Training
• Debriefing Documentation & Support
• Protest Response Information Support
• Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan
• Project Initiation & Kickoff

Performance Phase:

• Project Transition & Kickoff Meeting Facilitation
• Subject Matter Expertise & Advisory Support
• Independent Verification & Validation
• Ongoing Portfolio Management
• Option & Amendment Implementation & Documentation
• Program/Project Performance Monitoring & Reporting
• Replacement/next Generation Planning
• Closeout

Mission & Operations Support:

Our staff is fully cleared and bring expertise in: logistics, advisory support, language services, media assessment, and monitoring. We are adept at working CONUS and OCONUS to include austere environments.  This ensures quality and trust between our federal clients.
Contact us in Reston, Virginia, for intelligence solutions that ensure better program and logistic integrations.
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