Vital Business Solutions

At TORIS Technologies LLC in Reston, Virginia, we use our proven business solutions and strategic planning approach to establish a three- to five-year business growth plan. We have in-depth knowledge of market trends, market dynamics, emerging technologies, and the competitive environment of industry. Additionally, we work closely with our clients to assess current capabilities and define future directions.

Business Development

Working closely with our clients helps establish market account plans that identify opportunity pipelines that meet or exceed business growth targets. We accomplish this via customer intimacy and senior relationships across
the industry.

Business Capture

From exploratory through opportunity validation and proposal generation, we provide insight into government acquisition strategies and industry market positions for new and re-compete procurements.
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Proposal Support

Our expertise in proposal development is based on more than 30 years of experience in all facets of proposal generation, including book boss, technical and management volume generation, and executive summaries. We also have staff with experience performing source selection and proposal evaluation for
government clients.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Based on the knowledge of market trends and market dynamics across the intelligence community, we provide value added advice during each stage of the merger and acquisition process. Our due diligence process is based on customer intimacy and extensive knowledge of existing and future
government procurements.
Contact us in Reston, Virginia, to gain the competitive edge with our business solutions and consultations.
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